[Issue Seven]

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Issue Seven was published May 30, 2018. This issue features work from the following contributors:


Justin Barnard

Michelle Chen

C. Cimmone
“Black Girls are Dirty”

Sarah Coble
“Bursting Grey”

Devin Donovan
“Refrigerator Protocol”

John Ellis
“Death and the Photo Studio De Luxe on an Infinite Fifth Power Avenue”

Tonya Kelley
“The Empty House”

Gary Kidney
“Boys’ Lake”

Eric D. Lehman
“Fool’s Gold, Ocean City”

Karen O’Neil
“Ginger Cookies”

Karl Sherlock
“Hobble and Dance”

Henry Stimpson
“Answers to All Questions but One”

Kirby Wright
“The Artificial Lantern”

Joanna Zauber
“Bitter Hope”

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